Annual Snow Carving at Bluefin Bay Underway

February 2, 2015

Snow Carving BlockWinter Tracks Festival 2015 in Cook County is back and with that comes our annual snow carved sculpture on display by our guest services building!

The massive slab of compressed snow currently at the back entrance of Bluefin Bay is going to be a beautiful sculpture once Bruce Ross and Vic Gemaniuk get through with it.

A sculpture of what?

The artists, both from Thunder Bay, Ontario, are keeping that a secret. But as they took the first hacks at the snow, the slab began to take a shape. Something that looked like feet, or maybe roots or tentacles emerged at its base.

Over the next couple of days, the artists will continue their work.

We’ll add photos as the artists go along so you can keep guessing.

Other sculptures can also be seen at various resorts on the North Shore, spanning from Tofte to Grand Marais. You can find a full list of Winter Tracks activities here.

– Tom Fagin, Activities